VIJAYAWADA: Detectives from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) are carrying out inspections in the Town Planning Wing of the City Commissioner’s Office in Vijayawada on Tuesday based on complaints from the public received through the ACB 14400 app.

The search that began on Monday continues for the second day and is expected to continue until the evening, CDA sources said. Additional SP Maheswara Raju, DSPs Srinivas and Sarath Babu are among the inspection teams.

It is reported that VMC officials are turning a blind eye to complaints of irregularities in the granting of building permits for houses in the city. Reports say authorities are granting permission to build up to the ground floor plus three floors, but they are unofficially building another floor.

A section of planning staff would give clearance against the rules which also hit government revenue.

The agents of the ACB examine the files at the town planning department The agents of the ACB meticulously check each file at the town planning department of the VMC and several documents relating to these files have also been seized.

In June this year, the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Government of Andhra Pradesh developed and launched a mobile application named “ACB 14400” for citizens to submit complaints against corruption which is widely used by the public.

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