The Batavia City Planning Board unanimously approved special use permits and site plans for two solar projects on Alexander Road at their meeting on Tuesday.

The projects are located at 9183 Alexander Road, known as the Pike Road Solar Farm Project, and 9071 Alexander Road.

The resolutions passed by the board authorize San Francisco-based Renewable Properties (RPNY Solar 6, LLC) to construct and operate the solar projects.

If the owner/operator changes, the special use permit must be reviewed by the planning board.

Before a building permit is issued, the company must finalize a host community agreement with the city of Batavia to include annual payments of $2,500 per megawatt for 25 years with an annual increase in payments of 2 % or a lump sum payment approved by the municipal council.

The resolution includes provisions for grading and landscaping.

Provisions are also planned to manage any modification of the development plan.

The company must certify that the completed project complies with the special use permit, applicable codes and industry standards.

There must also be sufficient funds on deposit to remove the facility and restore the landscaping in accordance with the dismantling plan.

The company must remove the installation at the end of its life in accordance with the dismantling plan.

City inspectors will be permitted reasonable access to the property during construction to verify drainage and storm water provisions.

Renewable properties must adhere to the required landscaping plan.

The project must be closed and locked. Firefighters will be given the keys.

One year after the project is commissioned, Renewable Properties must return to the planning board for a special use permit review.

Finally, renewable properties must obtain and maintain appropriate insurance throughout the life of the project.