NUR-SULTAN – The Union of Architects of Kazakhstan has called on the country’s leaders to legitimize the role of architects in urban planning, Union President Serik Sultangali said during a briefing by the Central Communications Department on 28 July, the office’s press office reported.

Proper land use in cities and regions remains relevant. Photo credit:

The union sent a letter outlining its proposals to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Sultangali underlined the importance of architects in urban planning.

“We know there is a long way to go. We have written to the President to bring back this justice to end the construction anarchy that continues to take place, especially in Almaty and Shymkent. It’s not a criticism, it’s something that needs to be done right,” Sultangali said.

According to the architects, the construction of Almaty does not take into account seismic issues, which concern both specialists and residents of the city. Construction companies tend to demolish local parks and gardens to build residential complexes instead.

“Adequate land use in cities and regions remains important. This serves as the basis for all other decisions, especially in construction. Construction is booming in our country, which is encouraging. Because the construction industry is the engine of economic growth, it is essential to lay the foundations for cities to be both practical and beautiful,” said President of the Union of Urban Planners of Kazakhstan, Lyubov Nysanbayeva.