Besieged Cities: Kyiv and Odessa: Location, Urban Design and Reconstruction

Two of Ukraine’s most important cities, Kyiv and Odessa, are currently under attack. Matthew Bell, FAIA, presents a historical analysis and leads the discussion on the main architectural and urban design features of these cities, with particular emphasis on the reconstruction of Kyiv after World War II.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the historical urban form of two important Ukrainian cities and how the form is experienced today;
  • Understand the impact of major catastrophic events on cities and the various strategies for rebuilding and rebuilding;
  • Consider how these strategies may be applicable today as these cities are under attack in the current war;
  • Discover the relationship between the desire to commemorate the image of the city while advancing the improvements made possible by tragic and catastrophic events.

This event is limited to 60 participants.

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