AHMEDABAD: Students of Cept University’s Bachelor of Urban Design (BUD) course raised several issues with university authorities in a letter on Wednesday. University authorities said they are in contact with students for a quick resolution of these issues.
“BUD batches of ’16 and ’17 pay higher fees than other undergraduate programs on campus, Rs 2.14 lakh and Rs 2.05 lakh, respectively. Such high fees are discriminatory and unjustified,” the memorandum told authorities.
The memorandum also states that the general body of the BUD is unclear on the status of the course’s affiliation with the University Grants Commission (UGC). The body alleged that the BUD is not listed as a registered course under Cept University on the UGC website. “Whether or not the HECI bill is passed in the near future, we cannot trust a body that has not even been officially formed by the government for the approval of our degree,” the memorandum says.
The memorandum also states that more than 100 students fell ill with dengue fever in 2019. “This should elucidate why such a crowded space (approximately 35mx12m) shared by 120 students is a problem…As a design school from the habitat of the built environment, not studying in such an unhealthy and unsanitary environment with a lack of basic facilities is the least this student body can demand,” the letter adds.
University registrar Anita Hirandani said in an email that university fees are always announced before admissions are granted. “The university made no changes to the fees advertised to these students prior to admission and all students were admitted after learning about the fee structure,” she said. “We look forward to a speedy resolution to ensure their studies are not adversely affected.”