Residents of Peterhead have expressed concern over plans to build 800 homes on the outskirts of the town, saying the development is “ridiculous” and would “overwhelm” Inverugie.

Homebuilder Claymore Homes has asked Aberdeenshire Council for plans for the proposed major mixed-use development in South Ugie.

The new homes would be built next to community facilities, a possible new primary school and a nature reserve while space has been set aside for a future train station.

A concept image showing the view of the Southern Park project and surrounding homes in South Ugie, Peterhead

Architectural firm Halliday Fraser Munro said the development would create “much needed housing and community facilities” and provide Peterhead with “long-term sustainable expansion benefiting future generations”.

However, a number of residents have already opposed the development.

Speaking against the plan, John Stephen said: ‘The unstoppable juggernaut of housing development will soon overwhelm the historic and once beautiful hamlet of Inverugie, and in the not too distant future it will simply be joined on Peterhead.

“This development project is a major step in the demise of Inverugie.”

He added: “Peterhead no longer needs new homes. He already has a lot.

“A better downtown is what the city needs, not 800 more new homes.”

Meanwhile, another resident raised concerns about traffic and potential new homes on the site.

Dylan Clarke said any potential two-story house would “dominate” his property, adding that it would “dramatically block out light and completely erode any privacy in our garden and house”.

They also believe that the proposed traffic lights on the Inverugie-A90 road would lead to the minor secondary roads becoming “a busy rat race”, with people choosing alternative routes rather than sitting at the lights.

Meanwhile, some residents took to social media to voice their concerns, with one saying the plan was just “ridiculous”.

Some questioned the impact the new development would have on nearby schools and local facilities.

Elle Lisa Ritchie said, “Build the school first and maybe people will agree that he will stop building houses when there is no room in the schools.”

As Caroline Rice Clark asked, “Do we have more doctors or new surgery? For all those new homes and new families? »

A concept image showing the view of the new development and the proposed Green in South Ugie, Peterhead.
A concept image showing the view of the new development and the proposed Green in South Ugie, Peterhead.

However, some residents have come out in favor of the development.

Charlie Duncan said: “We could always end up with more housing, especially if some of it is affordable for young couples just starting out in life.”

While Colin Ballantyne said he thought it was a “fantastic idea”.

News of a potential new train station was also welcomed by residents.

Jenna Batty King said: “If we end up with a railway, chances are we will see an influx of people leaving Aberdeen to get bigger houses for their money and use the rail to get around.

“This is exactly what is happening in Inverurie where business is booming and continues to grow and attract new investment all the time.”

She added: ‘We have to see every development in Peterhead as a good thing for the town and the residents.

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