Davie town leaders voted Wednesday night to move forward with plans to build a new subdivision on a farm.

It comes after community members fought for weeks to save farmland.

“It’s a huge loss for the community,” said Santiago Arroyo.

Arroyo and other farmers are disappointed that the 27-acre farm, located on the corner of Flamingo Road and Orange Drive, will soon be turned into homes.

“Twenty-seven acres of lost farmland is not something you can easily replace overnight,” he said.

The farmland mainly produces fruits and vegetables found in the Caribbean. The project would build more than 60 homes on the property.

Arroyo and more than a dozen other community members showed up for the meeting, hoping city leaders would give Barbara McKenzie, who rents the farm, an extension long enough to move out.

At the meeting, the developers agreed to give McKenzie until November to quit.

Although she didn’t want to do any interviews, McKenzie took to social media ahead of the vote and posted a video message on Instagram asking for help.

The city also said the farmer may be able to move her crops to another 10-acre farm.

“City Council has directed the City Administrator to expand the City’s agricultural footprint to add an additional 10 acres for agriculture on City property to demonstrate the City’s continued commitment to the The town is sympathetic to Ms. McKenzie and all farmer situations and continues to encourage dialogue between Ms. McKenzie, the landowner and the developer,” the Town of Davie said in part in a statement.