Plans for hundreds of new homes in South Wootton will return to councilors tomorrow.

Settlement permission for 450 properties near the village school was granted by West Norfolk Council three years ago.

But concerns remain over the impact of this and other nearby projects, including 600 properties in Knights Hill, which was given the green light two years ago on appeal.

View of the village – the village sign.. (56506374)

South Wootton Parish Council asked that a range of issues including access, parking and drainage be resolved before permission is granted and that Larkfleet Homes’ application be rejected if it does not. ‘is not.

Neighboring authorities in North Wootton and Castle Rising also maintained their objections, warning that the impact of a combined total of more than 1,200 additional properties has not been considered.

They said: “We have been consistent in our continued challenge that excessive development has been granted without sufficient provision of highways.”

But West Norfolk Council officials advised members of the planning committee to approve the scheme when they met at Lynn Town Hall on Monday, arguing the application is “fully acceptable in terms of planning”.