Plans to demolish a waterfront home in Falmouth and replace it with four new properties have been denied permission.

Mr Roberts had applied to Cornwall Council for permission to demolish the existing North Parade property and replace it with four new houses – two detached and two semi-detached.

The application was presented to the council’s central sub-area planning committee this morning (Monday), where the planning officers had recommended that it be approved.

However, the bid had been met with a host of objections, including from Falmouth City Council and Cornwall Local Councilor Jayne Kirkham.

Local resident Helen Marsh told the committee that people living nearby were not opposed to the development, but said they strongly objected to the request as it was seen as “irrelevant” and “is too big for this narrow plot”.

Composite photo showing plans for new homes in North Parade, Falmouth, which have been refused planning permission. The orange dots indicate the outline of previous plans that have been retired.

Falmouth Councilor John Spargo said the town was very concerned about the proposed development.

He said: ‘This is an overdevelopment and should be reduced closer to the original footprint of the existing building.’

The councilor said the site was a gateway to North Parade and it was ‘very important’ that the design and impact of any new development was appropriate.

Susan Kimber, planning officer speaking on behalf of the claimant, responded to concerns raised by some naysayers that the development would block views of the waterfront.

She said the proposed design would improve waterfront views which she says are currently blocked by the existing building.

And she added that there had been a number of similar modern developments along North Parade over the past 20 years, all of which had been approved.

Cllr Kirkham said she agreed with comments from City Council and other opponents of the proposed development.

She also pointed out that there were concerns about highways in the area, saying it would be dangerous for cars to enter and exit the proposed development.

Composite photo showing plans for new homes in North Parade, Falmouth, which have been refused planning permission

Composite photo showing plans for new homes in North Parade, Falmouth, which have been refused planning permission

The Cornwall councilor suggested that if the development were scaled down, it would provide safer and better access for vehicles to access the site. She said: “The idea of ​​someone backtracking in or out of this place worries me.

Cllr Kirkham said the area had only been added to her council ward since the election last May, but said she had already had a residents’ meeting regarding traffic and parking issues in the area.

However, the committee was informed that there were no objections to the request from the road officials.

Committee member Michael Bunney said that while he could see that candidates and planning officers had worked hard to come up with plans that might be acceptable, he was not convinced.

He said it “seems too much” and would be excessive development which is out of place and inappropriate for the area. He recommends refusing them.

John Fitter said that while he felt Cllr Bunney was correct that the plans were out of the picture, he feared that further developments had already been approved, it was too late.

He said: “I’m not sure the horse hasn’t settled on that particular area already, as there have been a lot of applications already approved.”

During the vote, the committee agreed to refuse the building permit with eight votes in favor and three against.