The Gujarat government on Monday approved four master plans (TPs) in Ahmedabad, Surat and Junagadh, where 15,200 housing units for the economically weakest neighborhoods will be constructed.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has approved Preliminary TP Program Number 80 (Vatva-6) and Draft TP Program Number 426 (Kathwada) of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation under Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority or AUDA . A total of 7,100 houses will be built under these two TP schemes, an official statement from the state government said.

The Vatva TP will have 3,800 housing units on 4.26 hectares, 2.73 hectares of green spaces, gardens and playgrounds and 5.76 hectares of public facilities. The AUDA TP in Kathwada will have 3,300 dwellings for weaker sections, 0.94 hectares for gardens and playgrounds and 0.92 hectares for public amenities. A total of 12.10 hectares will be available for sale under these two programs to cover the cost of infrastructure.

The TP program number 40 of the Surat Municipal Corporation in Dindoli, will result in the acquisition of approximately 2.40 hectares of land where 2,100 EWS houses for the socially and economically weaker sections will be built. This initial Surat TP project includes 0.68 hectares for open spaces, gardens and playgrounds, 7.42 hectares for public amenities and about 1.99 hectares for sale to cover infrastructure cost.

TP scheme number 10 under the Junagadh Urban Development Authority in Shapur will consist of approximately 6,000 housing units, 7.76 hectares for open spaces/gardens and playgrounds, 7.36 hectares for public amenities and approximately 16.93 hectares for sale to cover the cost of infrastructure facilities, the statement added.