John Hammett

After moving from Atlanta to Frisco nearly three years ago, my dream of living in a winter wonderland came true. I am fortunate to work and reside in a postcard world in the Colorado Rockies. Frisco is my home, and my goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the board as we address the issues that affect our beautiful city so much.

My background focuses on engineering, small business ownership, business management, advanced wastewater treatment, retail and hospitality. This vast experience gives me creative insight into the issues facing our community. First and foremost, I am a problem solver.

Over the coming year, I would like to address the issues of workforce housing, education, ending all medical terms, and protecting the local environment (including the buildup mask waste). Local businesses echo the same problem: the lack of employees due to the chronic shortage of public housing. I’m sorry that this issue is still not resolved. To have the greatest positive impact on the City of Frisco and surrounding communities, I will devote my efforts to resolving workforce housing issues in a timely manner. Employees from all over the world want to work here. Let’s make it possible.

Priority No. 1: Environment

My priority is the environment. We should all be able to agree that our mountain community should be the primary concern. In my first year, I will enjoy working with the rest of the council to set up a volunteer/municipal effort to make the town of Frisco the cleanest town in the Rockies. All thoughts and ideas for electric vehicles and green energy are valid and will greatly benefit the future sustainability of our planet. My engineering background makes me well qualified to work on new technological innovations in order to integrate them into our small community.

Priority #2: Workforce Housing

Second, workforce and affordable housing plans are a passion of mine, and I look forward to helping accelerate all of the ongoing developments currently underway. We can also envision a future with a larger scale of planning and construction. I look forward to exploring creative new ideas to reduce the need for short-term accommodations for all out-of-town visitors. Hotel development can hold part of this solution. Another idea for small families moving to Frisco is tiny house parks, which have minimal environmental impact and are worth discussing.

Priority #3: Mental Health Services

Finally, I would like to explore and fund an expansion of health services to include better mental health support for our young children and the stresses that a modern society has created. We need the involvement of our community to mentor and support boys and girls at risk. We can partner with our local nonprofit and religious organizations to support our greatest asset: our children.

I am willing to listen and respond proactively. There are no problems, only solutions. Contact me with your questions and concerns, and let’s get to it!