PESHAWAR: The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will establish a Provincial Land Use and Building Control Authority to manage land ownership, acquisition, rental and disposal of property.

The proposed authority would be established under the KP’s proposed Land Use and Building Control Act 2021. A bill has already been tabled in the provincial assembly for this purpose. The authority will be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal, with the power to enter into agreements, memoranda of understanding and other matters relating to the use of lands in the province.

A board to be established by law will act as the authority’s board of directors. The head office of the authority will be in the provincial capital Peshawar; provided that it may establish sub-offices anywhere in the province with the approval of the government, to manage its affairs. Of all the functions devolved to the Director General (DG), a BPS-20 agent will be seconded from a panel, recommended by the Department of Establishment of the province in consultation with the department. The Government may also appoint the Director General by initial recruitment, on a contractual basis, under the terms and conditions and having the prescribed qualifications.

The Chief Executive shall exercise all the functions of the Authority attributed to him by law and all his acts, whether executive or not, shall be expressed and taken in the name of the Authority and shall be authenticated by the affixing of its official seal. . The Town Planning Policy Unit of the Department of Planning and Development will provide assistance in support of the authority for the purpose of implementing the provisions of the law. The general manager will be assisted by directors, officers and civil servants of the authority who will propose standards of spatial planning, land use, noted orientations, etc. and recommend it to the Board for review and approval. He will also recommend modifications in the regulations to the council, in the decrees, the regulatory texts, etc. ; ensure the development of master plans, strategic development plans; district land use plans, building regulations standards or any other plans required by law and ensure the implementation of master plans, land use plans or any other plans. The DG will also conduct, promote and coordinate research on different aspects of land use, zoning and land use planning issues; publish documents, reports, statistics, monographs and other publications relating to regional planning and their methodology; and to report and advise council on matters of land conservation, use and development, classification and reclassification. It will also supervise, control and supervise the functions of the district planning and land use management committees; and perform any other function that may be entrusted to it by the council or the government. The powers and duties of the Chief Executive include administrative and financial affairs and will also be responsible for the management, administration and human resources affairs of the authority.

Without prejudice, the Managing Director will prepare the agenda or working documents for the Board meeting and submit them to the President to call the Board meeting; distribute the agenda and the working document of the meeting to the members of the council; recording and distributing the minutes of each council meeting and dispatching them promptly to the relevant wards and following up on all matters related to or arising from a council meeting.

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