NOTICE has been posted and is available to all interested parties of a proposed new 16-unit development comprising townhouses and apartments.

specifically, this translates into two terraces: 4 2-storey 2-bed townhouses (terrace); 5 units with 1 bed, 1 unit with 2 beds on the ground floor; 5 x 1 bed units, 1 x 2 bed unit on the first floor Apartments, (terrace).

It’s a good thing that this development is on offer and hopefully it will move forward. This partly offsets the 20 empty units above the Dunnes Stores since the store opened sixteen years ago.

This is an Article 8 proposal, which means it will be approved or rejected by councilors themselves and is a public good as it will include social and affordable housing.

There are some interesting notes in the planning document which can be consulted at the town hall or online.

“Macroom is an ‘edge city’ with a population of 3,765 (2016 census) with a target of 4,809 in 2028 or a requirement to provide 399 residential units to accommodate them.

As an ‘edge town’, Macroom is ‘prioritised as a center of growth and plays a central role in linking South West Cork and North West Cork’.

“It is necessary to slow down the rapid expansion of the rural population in the Ring while strengthening the urban areas.

“There is no upper density limit for large cities on land zoned residential.”

I don’t know how the idea of ​​”slowing down the rapid expansion of rural population in the Ring while strengthening urban areas” will be accepted by people applying for planning permission in the hinterland.

It will be interesting to see what additional developments are offered for Macroom in the near future.