PUNE: The state government is expected to approve the Mann-Mhalunge Town Plan Amendments made by the Pune Metropolitan Area Development Authority (PMRDA).
About 8.4 hectares of the 250 hectares of the project are in the flood line.
The program which has been stalled for four years could gain momentum once the government approves the proposal, PMRDA officials said.

The PMRDA, which has been declared the Special Planning Authority (SPA) for the project, sent the amendments to the previous plan on July 1 under Section 92 of the MRTP Act. The proposed scheme has nearly 5,800 beneficiaries and was launched in 2018. The scheme allows landowners to recover 50% of built-up land in the same area.
Officials said they needed to make changes to the scheme as nearly 26 plots fell into the flood line and this needed to be readjusted.
“Seventeen plots in Mann and nine in Mhalunge were in the flood zone as per the previous proposal which was opposed. The corrections have been made and sent to the state government for approval. The CM is the chairman of the PMRDA and his approval will be required,” the officials said.
The program was launched in 2018 as ideal for urban planning. Authorities believe that if the state government speeds up clearances, the three-year-old program will gain momentum.
“The last 16 months have passed in the pandemic. Now there are variations. Once the government clears it, the intent process followed by suggestions and objections and further clearances can be received,” the official explained.
Completion of the project will pave the way for other proposed townships. Avtade Handewadi, Wadachiwadi, Holkarwadi and Manjari and 26 other town plans have been proposed in the PMRDA draft RFP. The projects are based on the urban plan of Ahmedabad within the framework of which 78 communes were developed in 10 years. The current ring road can serve 50 townships, the official said.
Challenges include maintaining communication with villagers. The projects were proposed with the aim of making the 128 km ring road project self-sustaining with planned development in the area.