Mangaluru Municipal Corporation

MANGALURU: Even as complaints are filed about building violations in the city, Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has revamped its planning section.
MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar has overhauled the town planning giving additional responsibilities to civil servants and bringing two more engineers to the section.
The Town Planning Officer was given additional 10 ward duties while continuing to hold the same position. In the meantime, the responsibilities of two assistant planning officers have also been changed and two assistant executive engineers have been recruited to take on additional responsibilities to work for the planning section in certain districts.
The city corporation has been accused of failing to act against buildings that have converted parking lots into commercial spaces. City vehicle owners have also raised objections when traffic police tow vehicles for parking violations. People want the police and the municipality to act against buildings that transform parking lots into commercial spaces. The police have written to the MCC about this.
The planning section has also been accused of failing to act against high-rise buildings that leak sewage onto the open storm drain. Recently, the commissioner visited the Anegundi district of the city following complaints from residents and social activists Shashidhar Shetty, who had reported to the municipality about private apartments operating without sewage treatment plants at the inside their premises.
Akshy Sridhar told TOI that the changes were made to increase the efficiency of the town planning section.
“We have also divided the work related to town planning between the assistant senior engineers. At the same time, the planning officer will also take on additional responsibilities. This decision was made without taking into account any particular case. Our intention is to increase the efficiency of the staff of the municipality,” he added.
Another major change at MCC was the transfer of Environmental Engineer Madhu Manohar to Chikkamagaluru City Municipality as Deputy Executive Engineer.