The Department of Upgrading, Housing and Communities has been consulting on proposals to introduce a new, tougher regulatory regime for high-risk buildings. The consultation was divided into 12 parts, each part covering a different aspect of the implementation of the new regime for buildings in the construction phase.

Over the past month, we have engaged with our members to shape an industry response to the proposals. This response covers consultation on policy proposals for the construction phase of buildings covered by the new regime.

In our response, we have focused on general themes that emerge from the consultation, as the organizations implementing the proposals may be better placed to respond to individual questions.

Our response broadly covers three main themes:

  • Responsible and competent.
  • Development gateways.
  • The introduction of the new scheme and resources.

The consultation closed on October 12. If you would like more information about the proposals or our response, please contact us.

We have also published our response to the consultation on the occupancy regime for occupied high-risk buildings.

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