Two triplexes are currently under construction on Bennett Street in Goderich to help meet the average housing need in the city and county.

County Executive Glen McNeil explains that “missing middle” housing refers to housing options in the middle of the housing spectrum. This range of housing options can include duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes, townhouses and similar housing forms. McNeil says a fire in 2020 destroyed the detached house that was on the property.

“So we took the opportunity to build two triplexes that will meet both our current and future needs,” McNeil said. “So it’s in the construction phase on Bennett Street in the town of Goderich.”

According to McNeil, the six new one-bedroom units are smaller than the old single-family home. This means the units better align with the current housing need in Goderich, which is for more one-bedroom units.

McNeil also points out that people recognize the need for housing in Huron County and, given the current crisis, changes must be made.

“We have to do things differently than we have done in the past and Huron County is addressing that,” he said. “We realize there is a need for more housing and we are providing two triplexes in Goderich on Bennette Street to meet the average housing need.

At the county council meeting on Wednesday, November 9, council approved an official plan amendment that will allow apartment buildings on part of the former Victoria Public School property in Goderich. More information on Huron County housing can be found at