Planning organization, Jammu no longer important?

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, November 13: He is well aware that planning organization is one of the crucial departments in developing master plans and their amendments etc. but the STP of Jammu Municipal Corporation has been subject to additional charges for a long time and TPO’s CTP voluntarily retired at the end of September, but no incumbent was placed on said important post, but that’s a big question.

Adopting the selection and choice of vacancies of ATP and others in the department despite the senior officers available, another question.

First of all, it should be mentioned here that a DTP, ATP and HD of the planning organization has been delegated to Jammu Municipal Corporation i.e. TPO Jammu if the organization is not big then need to be linked otherwise if the STPs and their teams are established in JMC/JDA etc what is the fun of the planning organization.

However, while speaking to Cross Town News, some officers said being a senior in the planning organization was not being considered for higher vacancies, despite vacancies, pointing to H&UDD.

Also a Jagdish Hans, STP, JDA, otherwise who should have been given a lesson for his countless unlawful acts of lack of knowledge and dereliction of duty, which went unchecked.

However, few employees, who are on the verge of retirement at JMC, have declared when framing new JMC rules, the future avenues for promotion of the number of employees kept in play.