PROPOSED development plans of ‘The View at Love Beach’.


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The developer of controversial The View Love Beach project claims to have ‘duly stamped’ documents showing that the planning committee has approved his project, but locals say that is impossible and are preparing to ask lawyers to stop the project. project in its tracks.

Dr Wolfgang Groeger, speaking on behalf of the Kovats Family Office in Vienna, Austria, the developer of the controversial project, said in an emailed statement to Tribune Business: “The Town Planning Appeal Board approved the project, as confirmed by the ministry. Works. Our lawyer has this written approval, all plans have been duly stamped by town planning. No other explanation or justification is provided on our side. The law is the law.

Although he did not provide this newspaper with a copy of these documents, he added: “As mentioned on several occasions, all restrictive covenants were lifted by a judgment of 1980. This is the reason why the existing building has been approved. New buildings will be of similar height or a few feet lower. The project has less density than current multi-family zoning regulations would allow.

Dominique Strachan, a resident of Palms of Love Beach next to the proposed development, told Tribune Business that the existing building Dr. Groeger is referring to is a building that has never received a certificate of occupancy and is in do right there. She also said that the building was not even within the general range of Love Beach proper, but lower than the general allotment of Love Beach.

She added: “You can’t build 100 units in this area and say you won’t increase congestion and traffic. It’s impossible if you see where they plan to build. How could he erect a four-storey building without restricting the view of people living across the street?

Maria Ageeb, a resident of Love Beach, added: “I thought we had dealt quite well with why they can’t build above a certain height and that’s one of those things. that needed a court to determine, not just keep building like it was no problem. We never received any notice that they were going to proceed with the project. We were never told or given any information about the status of a call. I don’t even know why the project was approved? »

She added: “The reason the building in the 1980 court settlement never got a certificate of occupancy was because it was against height restrictions, but I think they may have. be recently obtained within the last year or so.”

The View Love Beach project was approved in August 2021, just weeks before the last general election after going through the last three years with rejections from the planning committee on behalf of Love Beach residents.

Dr Groeger, however, is confident The View Love Beach will commence shortly and said: ‘We have ordered the construction plans to be executed by our architect in the Bahamas in early 2022 for submission of building permits based on of the approved project. Construction work will then begin in 2022 and neighbors will be notified in time.

Both Ms Strachan and Ms Ageeb have promised to take the next steps and organize legal representation for Love Beach neighbors. Ms Strachan said: ‘How could they get approval from the Town Planning and Development Appeal Board (TPSDAB) when the council didn’t even have a chairman and half the council didn’t didn’t know about the project? How could this blatantly happen?

She continued, “There was a lawyer involved in this, Erica Ferreira, who has more information on this than anyone I know.” With construction threatening to start in weeks, Ms Strachan also said: ‘We’re not looking forward to it. We hope that between Ms Ageeb, Jamie Liddell and Chris Jenkins they can help get something done. I know Jamie Liddell was at Lennox Paton, so we’ll see what they have to say about all that.

Ms Ageeb added: ‘I tried to call Ms Martinborough and Mr Charles Zonicle at the planning committee but they were still unavailable. I was trying to find out what exactly they were approved for. I left messages but never heard from them.

“I’m just going to have to get all the neighbors together to see who’s ready. I know Jamie Liddell and a few other neighbors were trying to get their legal reports together when we were fighting over the covenants, so I think I’ll reach out to them first to see what they think.

“Dr. Kovats actually wanted to build in the ocean and everything. He wanted overwater bungalows. I just don’t trust them to do what they’re supposed to do.

Dr. Groeger concluded: “We don’t think it’s relevant to discuss this further. Urgent employment for Bahamians will begin in 2022.”