Ginny Monk shares news of the “Equitable Sharing” bill being considered in the Connecticut General Assembly.

“Under the proposal Equitable Sharing Actthe Office of State Policy and Management would assess the need for affordable housing in different parts of Connecticut,” Monk reports. “Then cities would share the responsibility of meeting that need.

According to Monk, “a city’s share would be based on its wealth, its median income relative to other cities in the region, the percentage of the housing stock that is multi-family housing, and the poverty rate.”

The bill would require local governments to develop new plans for building affordable housing every ten years — the state of California’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) process works the same way , but on eight-year cycles. The RHNA process has undergone repeated reforms to add teeth to the law in recent years.

As Monk noted, Connecticut’s “Fair Share” bill is part of a larger set of zoning reform bills known as the Growing Together Connecticutled by 30 partner organizations including the Open Communities Alliance. The Connecticut General Assembly passed a landmark zoning reform bill, HB 6107, in June 2021.