CHANDIGAR: The Punjab government has simplified the procedures to enable quick clearance of Land Use Change (LUC) Certificates, Completion Certificates, Development and Building Plans. This has been done by decentralizing regulatory approvals which allow urban development authorities to grant approvals.

Making the ease of doing business the top priority of the Punjab government led by Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Mann, the Punjab Housing and Urban Development Minister, Mr. Aman Arora, said the move will go a long way towards promptly resolve cases within the time allotted. because the H&UD department has delegated authority to the local level to grant regulatory approvals.

The move will enable the urban development authorities of Mohali, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Patiala and Bathinda as regulatory approvals will be given at their own level, Mr. Aman Arora said, adding that these authorities are headed by chief administrators (AC).

Now Chief Administrators can grant licenses to all categories of settlements, H&UD Principal Secretary Mr. Ajoy Kumar Sinha said while adding that a committee under the CA of the concerned authority will grant the license. approval of development plans for residential/industrial/commercial settlements, megaprojects and industrial parks (including extensions of existing projects). The committee was also empowered to grant building plan approval for all non-industrial standalone projects over 15 acres, all allocated/auctioned block sites above one acre, including industry and block sites in approved private projects over one acre.

A committee under the Additional Chief Administrator (ACA) of the relevant authority would have the power to grant building plan approvals for all allocated/auctioned block sites up to one acre, including the industry and all other parcels up to one acre in H&UD approved urban estates/projects, he added.

The Chief Urban Planner PUDA would be empowered to grant approval for the incorporation of charitable educational/medical/religious/social institutes, a farm of over 15 acres and a business including a hotel and restaurants.

Mr Sinha said that the senior town planner of the relevant circle would have the authority to approve zoning plans for residential/industrial/commercial settlements, mega projects and industrial parks (including extensions of existing projects), in addition to Approve the construction plans of all stand-alone projects at the district level of industrial MSMEs, the construction plans of all stand-alone projects other than industry, up to 15 acres, the grouping of educational/medical/charitable institutes religious/social, the farmhouse up to 15 acres and the consolidation of all industrial buildings up to 10 acres.

He further informed that the Principal Urban Planner, PBIP would have the authority to grant approvals for all stand-alone projects at the industrial state level and the composition of all industrial buildings over 10 acres. The district planner has been empowered to grant approvals for construction plans for a rice huller, brick kiln, petrol pump and stone crusher.

The authority having jurisdiction for granting the Certificate of Completion/Partial Completion/Occupancy will be the same authority having jurisdiction for the approval of the site plan/building plan as mentioned above. -he adds.