The housing authority which oversees 47 federally subsidized apartments on Pemberton Avenue is asking for $75,000 to help replace its heating system.

City administrator Jamie Hainsworth said the board of commissioners had asked for the promise of financial aid. According to Nikki Vazquez, executive director of the housing authority, the 50-year-old system has stopped working and it will cost between $600,000 and $750,000 to replace. She has already secured a $450,000 grant to install an up-to-date energy efficient system to serve 35 units.

According to Hainsworth, Vazquez continues to seek financial assistance, and a municipal contribution would make the grant application more favorable. He said it will “demonstrate that the city is a stakeholder and committed to the project.”

Hainsworth reported the news to city councilors at their meeting on Tuesday.

“It will become a crisis if the heating system is not operational by October 1,” Hainsworth wrote. “Residents will be moved and will have to be relocated to another facility.”

Hainsworth said the finance department has “identified funds that could be used if the board supports this commitment.” He recommended the expense, which would be around $2,100 per unit.