A youth centre, hotel, gas station, restaurant and accommodation are among the uses of a proposed development on approximately 40 acres at the northern end of Kalispell.

The property on the corner of Church Drive and US 93 is undeveloped and is just north of Silverbrook Estates.

The Kalispell planning council is expected to consider the multi-use scheme, called Farm District, at its meeting on Tuesday. Council meets at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 201 First Avenue East.

Kelcey and Tawnya Bingham submitted an application to the city for annexation, initial B-2 general activities zoning with a planned commercial unit development overlay for the 37.6-acre property. The project has the potential for 102 residential units.

The proposed development is centered around the sports and arts center for young people. The space would allow local club sports to practice year-round and allow for all types of artistic creation, the project application states. The commercial uses and residential spaces would be intended to support the neighborhood and the youth sports and arts facility.

Commercial uses include a small neighborhood grocery store, restaurant/brasserie, boutique hotel, small gas station and a few offices. Office space should be on the first floor with residential use on the second floor.

The western edge of the project includes townhouse and country home designs suitable for workforce housing with smaller floor plans and yard areas, the application notes.

The plan calls for 70 townhouses or multi-family units along the western edge of the property. The central part of the property would be intended for both commercial and residential development with 32 multi-family residential units on the second floor of the buildings.

The planning staff report notes that higher intensity uses are concentrated along the freeway and Church Drive, with no direct access to the freeway, and residential uses concentrated along the western edge of the property. There is a 100 foot wide landscaped buffer along the highway.

There is a conservation easement over farmland to the west and Majestic Valley Arena to the north.

“The project has a comprehensive system of pedestrian and cycle paths along the adjacent streets and within the site, which also includes a central park that provides pedestrian connectivity between the youth center and the hotel, restaurant , small grocery store and other businesses uses,” the planning report notes.

The Farm District offers a central green space and 2.75 acres of parkland and a youth outdoor activity area just west of the youth house. Open buffer spaces are provided along the transportation corridors totaling approximately 8 acres.

Scheduled to be developed in six phases, the project is expected to start this year with works running until 2028. The youth sports and arts center is expected to be built first, followed by the project’s commercial areas and then housing.

THE COUNCIL will also consider a planned commercial unit development overlay on approximately 9.72 acres at 3178 US 93 South for a proposed trucking and RV center. The property is located on US 93 near the south end of the bypass.

JCA Management LLC is asking PUD to develop Noeller Truck and RV on the vacant property. The property also faces Basecamp Drive with access to the ring road.

Montana Basecamp RV Park is immediately to the west. A small light industrial building is adjacent to the northeast corner of the property.

A request from Spartan Holdings to amend the Eagle Valley Ranch PUD to include the addition of 6.78 acres is also on the agenda. Spartan is also requesting a change to the growth policy map, as well as annexation and initial zoning of the property to 3201 US 93 North.

The Eagle Valley Ranch developer has acquired land adjacent to its development that includes Home Outfitters, which has stood empty since 2012, and is asking that it be included in the planned subdivision to include single and multi-family housing. The property is 1.35 acres.

The developer is seeking to extend RA-2 zoning to the property which is intended to accommodate small scale commercial space as a transition to the single family housing lots.

The Eagle Valley Ranch project involves the development of 64 acres in phases along the US 93 corridor, north of Kalispell North Town Center. The project includes a combination of single-family lots, multi-family units and commercial properties.

A mobile home community, known as the Morning Star Community, will also go before the planning board as it seeks annexation to the city and initial R-4 residential zoning. The community is located at 1717 South Woodland Drive and spans just under 6 acres.

The proposal is to annex the existing mobile home community to allow the units to connect to the city’s sewer system. The community comprises 41 residential units.

The board will also take public input, as required by the Montana Environmental Policy Act, on the community’s plan to abandon aging water and wastewater infrastructure onsite to connect to utility services. the city. The project will be explained and the results of the environmental review will be explained at the meeting.

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