The online platform and smart app Digital Sharjah allows land and property owners to transact with the Sharjah Department of Planning and Surveys without having to physically visit customer service centers of the entity.

Launched in November 2021 by the Sharjah Digital Office (SDO), Digital Sharjah is a single user interface that offers 41 government services across seven broad categories to benefit various groups in society.

The real estate section of the Digital Sharjah platform includes the “Issue or Renew Official Card” service, which allows users to apply for a certified card to complete the land ownership process or renew a certified card that has already been applied for.

Property owners can use the “Know Your Location” option to upload a map showing the location of their property and services in the area, as well as aerial imagery of the neighborhood.

Services rendered under the “Renew Grant Land Map” option allow valid Land Grant owners to renew the land map.

The “Issue Land Grant Certificate” service assists users to request the issuance of a certificate listing land grants in the applicant’s name. Charitable organizations are exempt from service charges. The “Angles and Diameters Identification Map” function provides a map showing the proportions of a piece of land. Service fees are not charged to grant or housing loan holders.

Through the “Physical Planning Statement” service, users can obtain a document detailing the layout requirements of a lot, including type of use, height, setbacks, positions, etc. This facility is free for home grant or loan holders as well as government entities.

The same groups are exempt from paying for the “Find Lock” service, which identifies the location of a lock area.

Other public and private sector services will continue to be added to the Digital Sharjah platform in the next phases of its development.