Gandhinagar: Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has approved the Five Metro Master Plan taking a step closer to planned urban development.

In a bid to facilitate life through well-planned development of towns and cities, the Chief Minister has approved a total of 3 preliminary town plans, one for Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bhavnagar. It also approved two draft town plans, one for Rajkot and one for Jamnagar Municipal Corporation.

The three preliminary town planning projects that Shri Bhupendra Patel has approved are Ahmedabad
Urban Development Authority’s Scheme No. 128 Geratpur, Gandhinagar Mahanagarpalika’s Preliminary
TP Scheme No. 15 Kolvada and Bhavnagar Area Development Authority’s Preliminary TP Scheme No.4

A total of 38.01 hectares of land will be acquired for sale to cover the cost of infrastructure facilities including gardens, open spaces and playgrounds. 1200 EWS houses will be built in Ahmedabad

Urban Development Authority Preliminary TP Scheme 128 Geratpur, 1500 EWS Dwellings at
built in the preliminary TP of Gandhinagar Mahanagarpalika. No. 15 Kolvada, 5000 EWS houses to be
constructed in Bhavnagar Region Development Authority preliminary scheme TP 4 Vartej.

Under Jamnagar Municipal Corporation’s TP Scheme No.23 project, 4.66 hectares for open spaces, gardens and playgrounds, 3.96 hectares for public amenities and 12.14 hectares for sale to cover the cost of infrastructure, therefore a total of 26.78 hectares of land will be acquired. This TP provides for the construction of approximately 5,400 housing units for EWS people from socio-economically disadvantaged strata.

Rajkot Municipal Corporation’s TP Scheme No-33 Raiya project project has been approved by the Chief Minister for the construction of 10,000 EWS housing units to cover the cost of infrastructure facilities including open spaces, gardens, playgrounds and public facilities, 11.26 hectares of land for a total of 39.49 hectares of land will be acquired.

Thus, in the five TP projects approved by the Prime Minister, a total of 104.28 hectares of land will be
available for 23,100 SAP homes and various other purposes.

Desh Gujarat