WEST CARTHAGE — A subsidized housing unit in the village will be under the management of the City of Wilna Housing Authority if the transfer is approved.

According to a housing board press release, the change was due to a request from the Board of Commissioners of the West Carthage Housing Authority and the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Field Office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development “to transfer in their portfolio the 50 of the social housing units known as West Side Terrace.

Housing authorities have entered into an interagency cooperation agreement effective April 21, which will remain in place until the full transfer is complete. The Village of West Carthage will consider a resolution at a meeting on Monday to effect this transfer.

West Side Terrace on Madison Street is a HUD unit, as are the Brady Acres and Long Falls Apartment complexes under the management of the Town of Wilna Housing Authority.

Housing Authority staff met with residents of West Side Terrace on April 25 as an introduction, to answer questions and address concerns.

According to Kelly E. Bush, executive director of the Town of Wilna Housing Authority, the meeting went well.

“The Town of Wilna Housing Authority looks forward to serving the residents of West Side Terrace and continuing its mission to provide decent, safe and affordable housing for eligible low-income families, seniors, seniors and people with disabilities” , said Mrs. Bush. in a prepared statement.

A tenant who did not want to be named said: “No one likes change, we are old!

James Smith, chairman of the West Carthage Housing Authority board, said the change resulted from a vacancy in the post of executive director.

“We want to make sure that tenants are okay, that they are well taken care of and that they have a safe and healthy place to live,” Mr Smith said.

He said the Municipality of Wilna Housing Authority will provide a housing maintenance person.

The West Carthage Housing Authority will continue to oversee the operations of William J. Dalton Estates and Grandview Courts, subsidized by the United States Department of Agriculture, and operated by United Helpers of Ogdensburg.

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