An application for planning permission to build a small housing estate in a village in Gwynedd has been withdrawn.

Gwynedd councilors were due to discuss the proposal for an eight-property estate in Llanrug on Monday morning.

Officers recommended that the building permit application be denied.

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But planning committee chairman Cllr Eric Merfyn Jones told the virtual meeting that the bid had been withdrawn.

He did not comment on why the application was withdrawn or whether or not the plans would be resubmitted.

Mr Jones added that Cllr Beca Brown, who represents Llanrug on the council, had been briefed.

In a report to the committee, officers said the plans were for eight two-storey dwellings on a site near the Glyn Twrog pub where an existing smallholding is located.

The existing property would be demolished and four units comprising two semi-detached houses would be built with an improved access and road system.

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Officers noted that the proposal involved providing the four affordable homes on the section of the site outside Llanrug’s recognized development boundaries. This directly adjoins the boundaries of the development and the four units within the boundaries would be open market housing.

Recommending that the application be denied, planning officers said the site had not been designated or protected for specific use in the local development plan.

The report concluded: “No evidence has been received to show that the proposed combination meets local needs and the exact duration of the proposed affordable housing is unclear.”

Numerous objections had been received by the planning department from individuals and the community council, while various bodies had also raised concerns.

Llanrug Community Council held an extraordinary meeting to discuss the application.

In their letter to the county council, the clerk said the special meeting should allow “enough time for everyone to submit their comments, rather than including it in a monthly council meeting”.

The community council claimed that Llanrug ‘does not require additional accommodation’ and added at the meeting that no member of council or member of the public supported the request.

Objections from the community included concerns that the local school was already full and would not be able to cope with more pupils.

The residents, in their responses to the request, argued that it would be better to renovate the house and convert it into a family home.

Statutory agencies including Natural Resources Wales and Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service have also raised questions about the nomination.

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